Motorhead Slot Machine Game Review


The Motörhead Slot Machine Really Rocks!

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If you want slots actions which is really impressive and you love heavy metal, then you’ll really enjoy playing the Motorhead Slot Machine and also the Guns n Roses themed slot game. This Motorhead-themed casino game is loaded with motifs which honour one of history’s greatest, most hard-driving heavy rock bands. Once you’ve discovered just how much fun this game is, you’ll be addicted for sure! Today, we’d like to share some information about this game and all that it has to offer. It’s definitely an amazing option for hard rock fans who love the heavier aspects of life. In fact, it was created with Motorhead fans in mind.

This is a NetEnt game which gets plenty of play, the same company that bings us slot fans the marvellous Winstar slot game . it’s for those who want a little rock-n-roll edge as they play the slots. Once you’ve tried it, you may want to recommend it to your friends. This game features improvements which make it more fun than the NetEnt Jimi Hendrix and Guns’n’Roses games. These other two games didn’t really deliver for a lot of people who played them, so NetEnt listened to the constructive criticism and made something better. It’s the Motorhead Slot Machine game and it features a nice setup, which is pretty similar to the Dazzle Me setup. However, it has unique features, as well as a unique gameplay experience.

While Lemmy has very sadly passed away, we are pretty sure he’d approve of this game, as his biggest hit with the band was all about gambling. When you play Motorhead Slot Machine, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool beginning sequence with video footage. The sequence lasts for a while. Some people who don’t want to watch it set up the game so they don’t have to. However, you’ll probably really enjoy it.

This Game Has Great Payouts

Pay icons for this game vary from Lemmy himself to a series of other symbols, including horseshoes, clovers, sevens, bells and stars. It’s a good-looking game which offers good speed and it’s very simple to master. You’ll need the element of chance in order to win. However, if you keep at it, you should rack up some big bonuses. With any luck, you’ll grab a jackpot on the very first try.

Now that you know more about this cool, rough-hewn slots game, why settle for the same old slots experience? There’s something more interesting out there and we encourage you to find it today! When you play Motorhead Slot Machine at an online casino, you’ll be celebrating a band which is truly beyond compare. The late Lemmy and his counterparts, such as drummer Philthy Phil, really were tight as a band and they thrilled large audiences for decades.

Playing this game will help you to enjoy a casino-style experience at home. As well, since it’s not the standard game, you’ll probably find the Motorhead theme very pleasing. While Motorhead Slot Machine isn’t for those with tamer musical tastes, it’s definitely a fine choice for those who believe that, if it’s too loud, you’re too old. Lemmy will live on in our hearts forever and those who play this diverting slot game will be able to honour Lemmy every time that they activate the game.

Now that you know more about Motorhead Slot Machine, you’ll be ready to move forward and find it online. It’s available at some great online casinos which cater to UK gamblers. Just be sure to play the game at an online casino with a great reputation. When you do so, you’ll access superb online casino services, such as whopping bonuses for first-time members and other special promotions. It’s important to find an online casino that you can really trust.

Play At Motorhead Slots @ G’Day Casino and 21 Prive Casino (free spins on selected slots at both casinos)


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