Guns N Roses Slot Machine Review


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There are dozens of slot machine games to choose from. Since online play became more popular, you have an ever-wider selection of incredible titles. So, what is the best slot machine game for you?

Recognizing that every person has their own personal preference, we bring you detailed looks at some of the most interesting slot machine games we can find. In particular, Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine has gotten our attention again and again. Let’s spend a quick moment discussing the pros and cons of this game, as well as what kind of player may be best suited to this experience.

Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine

There should be no doubt in your mind that the Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine game is based on the award winning and internationally recognized band. Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine begins with a colorful introduction that brings you right into the game. With colorful shots of the band’s iconic image mixed with live action shots of their performances, the Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine game gives you a lot of options from the start. Mixed in with colorful and bright backgrounds are the reels of the game. Easy enough to work out, the Guns N’ Roses Slot Machine game looks and feels like a well-polished and entertaining experience. Other rock band themed slot machines include the much loved Motorhead slot, which just like GnR slot, is highly entertaining to play, especially for big fans.

Guns N’ Roses is made by Netent, a company that is 20 years old and was founded in Sweden and reposnisble for making great slot titles such as the Starburst slot. Netent was the first ever company to develop casino games for flash, spreading to more than 300 licensed portals. Known for being a pioneer, you can see that dedication in the Guns N’ Roses slot machine game. The game itself includes a total of 5 reels as well as 25 different pay lines. Relatively straightforward, playing the game is taking a trip back to the 80’s and 90’s and re-experiencing the rock culture again. With a lot of time and attention paid into making the game look great, it manages to be more exciting than many 7-reel alternatives.

Bonuses & Special Features

Bonuses and special features in the gameplay itself are kept basic. There are many different bonuses spread throughout the game. They are easy to figure out thanks to being flashy and recognizable. While the bonuses add a lot to the game, they could go a little further to adding to the experience of gameplay. Rather than fleshing that out, Netent instead focused on tying in a lot of video elements into the slot experience, making it enthralling to say the least. Get your hands on many free spins bonuses over at our free spins no deposit page.


There is a lot to review in a game like this. Beginning with aggregated reviews, we see a consistent rating of over 4 out of 5 stars. The strongest thing going for the slot machine game is how polished it is. It provides a smooth interface, colorful graphics, and a fast paced experience aided by the music of Guns N’ Roses. Looking at it, you will see for yourself the time and attention paid to the visual quality. Kept cartoonier in its design, it is a none-the-less beautiful slot machine game to play.

Those who love the Guns N’ Roses band should definitely check out this slot machine game. It does the band and slots in general service. Those who are also a little newer to slot machine games may also want to check out Guns N’ Roses as it can be an exciting introduction to the basic mechanics of the game. The options at the beginning also provide some variation of play, allowing you to explore the same experience from many different angles. Any person who doesn’t like video or music themed slots should probably look elsewhere.

Play At Guns n Roses Slots @ G’Day Casino and 21 Prive Casino (free spins on selected slots at both casinos)


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