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Does the Game Of Thrones Slot Machine live up to the hype created by the show? Chances are, you’re a fan of this massively popular HBO series from the books of George R.R. Martin. Barring that, it stands to reason that you have at least heard of the controversial show, which features dragons, haunted men and women, armies struggling to control everything the light touches, and other essentials of high drama. We can’t reasonably expect all of that from this video slots release that comes to us from Microgaming.


However, it isn’t unreasonable to expect a game that is at least evocative of the series. At the same time, it is certainly fair enough to want a game that is going to be fun to play, and capable of giving its players a wide variety of opportunities to win big.


On those fronts, you’re going to be pretty pleased with most of the elements that this Game of Thrones slot machine utilizes.


Reviewing The Game Of Thrones Slot Machine

To be sure, if you are a fan of the books and/or TV show, you’re going to be fairly pleased with the sights and sounds this game offers. The game doesn’t want to be a cheap cash-in. To that end, you’re going to find yourself with visuals and characters that are going to be instantly recognizable to you. The symbols will bring to mind the various Westeros houses that dominate the landscape of this intense TV series. The Game of Thrones logo is also present. That is going to be your wildcard, which is certainly the place to be, if you want to leave this Game of Thrones slot machine with some serious winnings under your belt.


The scatter is going to be your Iron Throne symbol. Again, all of the symbols and other visuals that make up this game are definitely going to bring you to the heart of why this crossover hit is so popular.


In order to travel through the seven kingdoms that make up the Westeros houses, you will need to initially adjust your wager. Moving through the bet, coins, and coin sizes options that dictate the game, you are going to find yourself with a pretty decent degree of flexibility. With 243 pay lines and five reels, you will be able to take advantage of some pretty impressive opportunities to come out with some winnings.


Remember to gun for three or more Iron Throne symbols. Doing so will trigger your free spin feature, which is definitely your best way to start racking up the heavyweight earnings. You can use the auto play feature allows you to start building your earnings. Best of all, the Game of Thrones slot machine will allow you to make your spins without interruption.


Is The Game OF Thrones Slot Machine Worth Playing?

This Game of Thrones slot machine is an exceptional example of a licensed property proving that it can be fun for a variety of different groups. Game of Thrones fans are going to love the various references to their favorite show. Players who don’t really care about that will find a playing experience that is going to be rich in features, with great visuals and sounds.


Another good example of the features available here comes in the form of a gamble feature. This is a strong opportunity to increase your winnings dramatically, but it does come with a certain measure of risk. You will be given the task of choosing between heads and tails. Choose correctly, and you move on to the next wrong. Choose incorrectly, and you will be returned abruptly to where you started the game from.

Play Game Of Thrones Slots @ – Sky Vegas Casino  Mr Green Casino – Jackpot Paradise



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