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Chicago Slot Machine Review

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While a 95.03% RTP isn’t going to blow you away, there are still a number of elements to this Chicago slot machine that are worth keeping in mind. Offering a straightforward gangster theme that is nonetheless extremely well-done, Chicago promises an experience that brings to mind the era of Al Capone, prohibition, and the wars between mafia members and law enforcement agencies that almost brought a city to its knees. It may not quite create that entire mythology, but it does offer players something that feels decidedly old-school, yet also offers a number of modern features. The bonuses alone in this game are likely to impress you.

This Chicago slot machine comes to us from Greentube and Novomatic the same company that brought us the classic Book Of Ra slot machine and Reel King, plus many more great titles including Sizzling Hot. It was released in 2006, so there is no question that it has been out for quite some time at this point. However, it continues to be highly regarded by a number of players and experts. There are several reasons as to why that is the case. Designed with a narrow colour palette, Chicago certainly has the visuals and sounds that are going to grab your attention. In terms of whether or not there is going to be enough in the way of free spins, bonus features, and other useful opportunities to win big, there are several things you will want to note.

Chicago Slot Machine Features and Bonuses

The free spin feature is certainly prevalent with this game. However, some might make the case that getting the free spin feature to actually trigger is another matter altogether. To be honest, it is a little trigger to reach than other games, but it is hardly impossible. Furthermore, the game offers an impressive range of potential winnings. Whether you like to bet big or bet small, the Chicago slot machine shouldn’t have any problems in accommodating your desires.

The in-game win multiplier is definitely what you are after, when it comes to hunting down the free spins to begin with. You can walk away with as much as ten times your actual win. That’s certainly not bad. Chicago wants you to feel as though you’re playing for big money, which befits the gangster motif that dominates the sounds, symbols, and other features. It succeeds nicely, creating a world that draws you in, and gives you the ability to make you feel like a serious winner.

If you can hit five of the wild symbols on the pay line, get ready for one of the biggest payouts you could ever hope to receive. With this Chicago slot machine, five wild symbols on the pay line can lead to a payout that will be five hundred times your initial investment. Obviously, that’s a pretty rare occurrence, but it can definitely still happen! Hit that combination during your free spins, and you can leave with a reward that will be ten times more and over 5.000 times your stake per spin.

Is The Chicago Slot Machine Worth Playing?

Chicago isn’t perfect, but it will ultimately give you a pretty solid, intensive slots experience. In other words, the free spin experience might be a little more challenging to reach than with some of the other slots games online, but it’s worth seeking out. When it comes to games that offer absolutely massive payouts, particularly when it comes to demanding a minimal risk, this Chicago slot machine is going to be one of the most satisfying titles you will ever come across.

Combine that with the charming, unique aesthetics and overall style, and you have a game that is likely to please you on every possible level. This is an exceptional game for those who want to try something simple and fun.

Play Chicago Slots Online At Quasar Gaming Casino and  Star Games Casino


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