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Sky Super 6 RegistrationIf you love predicting the results of football matches and you want the chance to win big money when your football predictions are accurate, then you’ll love what the Sky Sports Super 6 game has to offer!

When you choose Sky Super 6, you’ll have the opportunity to play this popular mobile game for free, via your preferred Apple mobile device or your favourite piece of Android hardware. It’s also possible to play games via your home computer. To get started, all that you’ll need to do is login, predict and enjoy!

If you predict six scores correctly, you’ll be in line to win a whopping quarter million pounds!

Soccer Saturday Super Six is an amazing game which Super Six fans adore! To play, you’ll need to predict scores for football matches. Winning will be all about using your knowledge of football and your passion for football in order to get your hands on a huge cash jackpot.

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You will be able to win by correctly predicting the results of six matches which are selected by the football-mad Sky Sports team. You may also win by earning the highest number of round points. When you get the most round points, you’ll qualify for a smaller jackpot of five thousand pounds. We think you’ll agree that five thousand pounds is still a very nice chunk of change!


 As well, you’ll be able to test your mettle against the Soccer Saturday group and English sports journalist, Jeff Stelling, once per week. To excel, you’ll need to rise to the top of the leader board.

In order to qualify, be sure to submit your predictions before three p.m. on Saturdays.

Features of the Game

Super 6 is so easy to play, because the team at Sky have added all of the right features to the Super Six interface. To begin, you’ll enter your predictions once per week, before the deadline. You may view your predictions via your account and also edit them if you want to.

It’s possible to login and play via an existing Sky Bet account or via a Fantasy Football account. If you don’t have one of these accounts, signing up will be really easy. It’ll take just a few minutes.

When you have an account, you’ll be able to check your leader board position and look at your “in play” progress. It will also be possible to make Private Leagues or to join existing Private Leagues. Also, you’ll be able to look at results from prior rounds. In addition, you’ll have the ability to access the predictions of Sky’s football experts. Betting on your predictions for Super6 will also be a total breeze.

Once you’ve made your Super Six predictions for the week, you’ll be able to share them with buddies if you want to. This game is so fun and it has the exciting interactive elements that football betting fans want.

How to Boost the Odds of Winning

If you already love football and follow the sport closely, you’ve already got a good chance of winning. If you need to brush up on your football knowledge, be sure to check the predictions of Sky Sport’s football pundits each week. As well, be sure to research teams and check out their win-loss statistics over the short and long terms. These stats are widely available online, so finding them will be really easy.

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Looking for shifts and patterns within football teams is what it’s all about. Teams go up and down and being able to predict where they will go (in terms of winning or losing matches against particular teams) is definitely a valuable skill. While some people have great instincts naturally, it’s possible to develop predictive skills just by educating yourself.

The more matches you watch and the more you read about football, the greater your chances of making accurate predictions. Research is the key to making realistic predictions.

When you commit to gathering knowledge about football, you’ll boost the odds of winning.

Why Not Play Today?

This addictive game is such a great way to pass the time. People love Super 6 and they really get into making predictions and seeing what pundits from Sky and Super 6 players are predicting. Now that you have the inside scoop on Sky Sports Super 6, you’ll be ready to move forward and get into the action.

If you already have a Sky Bet or Fantasy Football account (via Sky), you may start to predict immediately. If you don’t, just sign up for one of these accounts right now and then make predictions which may just lead to massive cash winnings.

This game is free, so why not enjoy it today?