William Hill Sports and Free Bet Review



For a gambling platform originally established all the way back in 1934, the William Hill sports book has really taken advantage of everything that online technology has to offer.

Since 1961, this company has been right up there at the forefront of legitimate gambling resources in the UK, and recently they have started to stretch their sports book empire out onto the Internet. After an acquisition in 1997 by a Japanese company, this company launched their online sports book in 1998 – and since then they have helped millions of gamers wager – and win – billions!


Completely legitimate, the William Hill sports book is registered in the United Kingdom County in Gibraltar, in the state of Nevada in the US, and across a number of other European nations.

This platform has a fantastic reputation in the industry, and those looking to place bets on anyone know hundreds and hundreds of different sporting events and matches around the world have the opportunity to do exactly that on the William Hill Sports Book.

Betting lines

Numerous betting lines are available to those that are looking to take advantage of the sports book offers provided by this organization.

Multiple bookmakers create multiple lines for every match this platform offers open-air something that we will get into in just a moment), and that’s what really makes this online sports books so attractive compared to some of the other options out there. Knowing that you’re able to place bets across numerous betting lines – even when the games are in action – opens up a lot of new wagering opportunities.

Out opportunities

As we just talked about above, one of the most unique aspects of the William Hill Sports Book platform is the multiple out opportunities they provide across a variety of different online bookmakers.

Not only do they include outs from in-house bookmakers that work for this company directly, but they also curate a number of other lines and outs from bookmakers all over the world. This includes a list of representatives from some of the most respected and prestigious bookmakers in the industry, giving you the chance to wager only on the kinds of lines and outs that you feel most comfortable with.

Banking options

More than 40 different deposit options are available to those that are going to play on this sports will platform, including bank transfers, all major credit cards and debit cards, and even new digital and crypto currencies like bitcoin.

Players can take out their winnings across those same 40 different banking options, opening up the opportunity for players from around the world to dive right into all of the action. Paper checks are only available in the United Kingdom, however, and will take up to 10 days to fully process.


All kinds of bonuses are available from William Hill, and because they are so aggressively expanding to capture even more of the market they are willing to offer new players and new gamblers even higher incentives to get them to dive right in.

Deposit bonuses, gameplay bonuses, and specific game style bonuses are all available at different points in time – and you’d do well to make the most of those opportunities as they come along.

Final verdict

Certainly one of the most respected and beloved online gambling platforms in the United Kingdom, William Hill is really starting to capture the attention of gamblers from around the world.

While competition for online gaming is really fierce right now, the William Hill gaming platform is doing its best to innovate and add new features and unique play styles that allow for some pretty significant windfalls – if you make the right bets!


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