Unibet Sports and Free Bets Review



A bit unique in the world of online sports books, the UniBet Sports Book takes advantage of their own proprietary software to create the different betting lines and outs that they provide – an interesting wrinkle that is a fun and welcome change from the more traditional approach that most online sports books have been utilising for so long now.

Different fixed odds betting offers are available across most major sports (and a lot of minor ones, too), giving players from around the world the opportunity to really get into all kinds of different action whenever they feel like it.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that more than 20 different native languages around the world are supported, giving you the opportunity to really feel at home when you are logged into the UniBet Sports Book.


Based out of the United Kingdom, and holding gaming licenses in more than a dozen different countries around the world, the UniBet Sports Book reputation is absolutely unchallenged.

This is a trusted organization that gamblers from all across the globe have been placing wagers on for years now, and there have been very few substantiated complaints – and even fewer that haven’t been rectified by the industry-leading customer support team that this company puts forth.

Betting lines

As we touched upon above, the UniBet Sports Book runs they are own proprietary software that utilizes a bunch of different algorithms (secret algorithms, obviously) to create fixed odds for most every major and minor sporting event happening around the world at any one particular point in time.

You won’t have a lot of different options to take advantage of this far as better lines or outs are concerned, but these fixed odds definitely give you the chance to make some very lucrative wagers without having to risk your shirt along the way.

It’s a nice trade-off, that’s for sure.

Out opportunities

Since there are limited betting line options the out opportunities that you will have are also going to be significantly limited, and you’ll want to be aware of that before you jump on this platform. Again though, the potential lucrative wagers you can place outweigh this minor inconvenience, and more than 15 million people around the world placing wagers on the platform each month would agree.

Banking options

Banking on the UniBet Sports Book isn’t all that much of a challenge, provided that you have an IP address from any of the accepted nations that this company services. You can connect your checking account, major credit or debit card, or online payment wallet to your account and get rocking and rolling almost immediately with an instant deposit.

Withdrawing your winnings is also really easy and can be done via the exact same banking methods we recommended above. You can also request a paper check to be sent to you physically in most locales around the world, though there are some restrictions to this request in place.


A new player bonus is added to your account immediately upon your first deposit into your account, usually representing 25% of the amount that you deposited up to a specific amount cap.

Gameplay bonuses, surprise bonuses, and other rewards are going to be sent out on a regular basis as well, though there is no real telling when these kinds of bonuses will be available or what these exact bonuses will be.

That’s part of the excitement.

Final verdict

The UniBet Sports Book offers a lot of different wager opportunities for those that are looking for a more simple and straightforward online sports book. The potential for some real lucrative opportunities exists, but the fixed betting lines aren’t quite as flexible as other services.


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