Sun Bets and Free Bet Review



The Sun news organization has decided to take the plunge and create their very own online sports book and online casino, and the industry has been buzzing about the news ever since it first broke in early 2016.

This is absolutely one of the most legitimate online gambling operations you’re going to find anywhere, especially since it is put forward by one of the most internationally recognized UK operations in The Sun as its major backer.

You should have a lot of confidence creating a brand-new account on the Sun Bets Sports Book, that’s for sure!


It’s really quite difficult to become more reputable, more trustworthy, and more well known than being one of the world’s most recognized and respected daily newspapers, and that’s the kind of reputation that The Sun brings to the Sun Bets Sports Book.

By placing your bets on this platform you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you aren’t going to have to worry about getting swindled, dealing with a fly-by-night operation, or having to worry about fake bookies creating betting lines that you’ll never be able to make the most of.

Betting lines

Speaking of betting lines, the Sun Bets Sports Book definitely has some of the most aggressive and profitable betting lines available for those that are looking to take advantage of action in the United Kingdom when it comes to sports.

There should be zero surprise to anyone that the overwhelming majority of the most popular and most “accurate” betting lines are for the kinds of games and matches that are playing out in the United Kingdom on a daily basis, especially considering the kind of operation that’s behind this online sports book to begin with.

International games, however, including those that are rather minor in comparison are also nicely presented on this sports book so that you’ll never have to look too far to find matches to place wagers on.

Out opportunities

Already hiring some of the best professional bookmakers and oddsmakers from around the world to dive right in and create the backbone of the Sun Bets Sports Book for them, this company is dedicated to offering numerous out opportunities, live betting, and money lines that move and adjust organically on-the-fly to present players with the best chance to succeed while limiting their risk at the same time.

This makes for a tremendously lucrative platform on both ends, and players are always going to feel as though they are getting a lawyer deal from this gaming platform.

Banking options

It’s impossible to get started with the Sun Bets Sports Book without first funding your account, and that has been made pretty simple and straightforward by the effortless banking system this platform uses.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted, connecting your bank account is easy, and you can use crypto currency like bitcoin or online payment processors to fund your account as well.

All banking technology used to fund you workout can also be used to withdraw your winnings as well, and there’s almost no delay whatsoever for those that are looking to pull their money out.


Multiple bonuses are always going to be available to players on the Sun Bets Sports Book over the nuclear bonuses, surprise weekly bonuses, holiday centered bonuses, and gameplay bonuses being added to your account on a somewhat surprise basis.

Final verdict

This is most certainly one of the newest online sports books out there, but it’s definitely one of the most exciting and intriguing thanks to its newspaper roots. Have a look at all that the Sun Bets Sports Book has to offer to see this is the right sports book for you.


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