Stan James Sports and Free Bets Review



As far as trusted online sports book platforms are concerned, you’d be very hard-pressed to find a platform more well-respected than the Stan James Sports Book.

This English online sports book platform is a relative newcomer to the online world, but the foundation of this sports book has roots going all the way back to 1973 in Oxford shire. This is one of the most trusted and well respected names in gaming in the United Kingdom, and that reputation definitely transfers over to the online platform.


As we highlighted above, the Stan James gaming company has existed since 1973, though the entire operation was sold off in September 2015 and then brought online.

With more than 100 local betting shops throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, and in full compliance of the Remote Gambling Commission of Gibraltar as well as the UK Gambling Commission, this is the kind of online sports book that you don’t have to worry about swindling you anytime soon.

This is a real deal place to put your wagers down, and a platform that you’ll be able to trust to pay you your winnings when you pull loss a successful wager.

Betting lines

The odds that you’ll be able to take advantage of when you place your bets on the Stan James Sports Book are very, very competitive, though they may not be quite as potentially lucrative as the odds that you will find in other places.

As we will touch on in just a moment, professional bookmakers with decades of experience handle creating the lines on all of these wagers, and the platform also pulls from professional and well-respected bookmakers from around the world.

The lines for Irish and English sports are probably the most accurate and competitive, so you might want to focus on those kinds of matches and wagers before going in another direction.

Out opportunities

Not only are you going to find outs from the professional bookmakers employed by the Stan James Sports Book, but as we just highlighted the moment ago, you’ll also be able to find outs from Las Vegas and other gaming commissions and bookmakers all over the world.

This allows you to “shop around” your wagers a little bit, giving you a distinct edge against the kind of gaming platforms out there that really tighten you into my forward with only the lines that they have established – putting you behind the eight ball (metaphorically speaking) before you even get a chance to watch the beginning of the match.

Banking options

Deposits and withdrawals are completely free of charge, and you’ll be able to do so quickly and effortlessly through major credit cards, debit cards, and any of the major online money services like PayPal there you can also do a quick bank transfer if you’re interested in going in that direction.

Expect to see your winnings within 24 hours or less after you initiate a withdraw, and if you absolutely have to get a paper check for your winnings you can do that as well – though expected to take a little bit longer to reach you depending upon your physical location around the world.


A lot of bonuses are going to be available to new players and new accounts, so make sure that you take advantage of these bonuses as they are offered.

Many of them will be tied to the kinds of wagers that you’re looking to make, others will be associated to the deposits that you are placing into your account, and others still will be reflective of the kinds of wagers and gameplay that you participate in.

Bonuses are essentially free money, so leverage them at every opportunity!

Final verdict

Though maybe not the “alternate” when it comes to British bookie services, you’ll be able to get up and running with the Stan James Sports Book quickly, you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings effortlessly, and you’ll be able to trust this company to do what’s right.

After all, it’s been around for more than 50 years!


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