Pinnacle Sports and Free Bet Review



Established in 1998, Pinnacle is one of the world’s oldest online sports books as well as one of its most influential.

All the way back in 1998, this company bucked a lot of industry trends by avoiding the marketing approach of promising gigantic bonuses and instead offering a lot of quick moving “low juice” betting lines while working to educate the gamblers had played on the platform. It didn’t take long for them to really capitalize on this action, and ever since they have been riding high on a wonderful wave of success.


With a reputation for some of the lowest bookmaking margins in the industry, bettors and gamblers from around the world are excited about all of the possibilities for sky high profit provided by the Pinnacle sports book.

Literally millions of people place wagers on the Pinnacle platform each and every single day, and it’s easy to see why. Low margins, decades of trust, and licenses in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Curacao, and other locales around the world make it easy for gamblers to get in on the action without worrying about any foolishness happening behind the scenes.

Betting lines

As touched amount above, most of the betting lines provided by Pinnacle are going to be low margin for the bookmaker – but on the flip side, they move really, really quickly.

You’re going to need to make sure that you get in on all the action as much time in advance as possible, or you run the risk of getting in on much less lucrative betting lines just because you weren’t quite as confident in your wagers as you might have liked to be.

You have to dive into the action while the iron is hot, but you’ll also want to look at these live betting lines to make sure that you capitalize on as many opportunities as possible when they present themselves.

Out opportunities

Even though the lines aren’t overwhelmingly lucrative for the bookmakers themselves, the reputation that Pinnacle has in the industry has allowed them to the world in some of the best bookmakers in the industry – even going so far as to take top bookmakers from other companies and adding them to their stable of oddsmakers.

You’ll have a bunch of different lines to take advantage of, more outs and you can shake a stick at, and plenty of opportunity to cash in with wages of your own choice.

Banking options

Getting money into and out of the Pinnacle sports book platform is really simple and straightforward.

You can move money to and from your bank account, your credit or debit cards, or using most of the popular payment processors online like PayPal. Even crypto currency like bitcoin is accepted by the Pinnacle sports book these days, giving you all kinds of different chances to fund your wagers and to take advantage of your winnings whenever you feel like doing so!


Even though Pinnacle didn’t start off offering a lot of different bonuses the way that other relatively new sports books were, they have definitely come around on the idea and now will match original deposits up to 100%, provided that they come in at £250 or less.

These bonuses will help you get in free play and help you place really exciting wagers on bets you feel confident and comfortable with.

Final verdict

There are a lot of different sports book opportunities to take advantage of these days, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any operation as established or as exciting as the Pinnacle operation.

Check it out at your earliest opportunity!


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