Paddy Power Sports And Bonus Review



Not exactly the most established of all the different online sports book opportunity platforms out there, the Paddy Power Sports Book has been making some pretty considerable waves in the industry thanks to the innovative new approach they take with a real focus on mobile technology and online sports book applications.

An Irish operation, visitors to this platform are going to feel completely comfortable knowing that they are playing on a gambling and gaming site that has the backing of the United Kingdom and licenses in Ireland, the UK, and a handful of other jurisdictions around the world.

This is huge news for a new gaming site, especially one that has been growing as aggressively as Paddy Power Sports Book has been.


As we have just touched upon above, Paddy Power Sports Book is an online sports book platform and online casino operating out of Ireland with multiple gambling licenses around the world – but the two most significant ones coming out of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The UK is very strict about online gambling sites, and treats all of the services that they are credit with the utmost due diligence and propriety. Those that are gambling on this site will never have to worry about whether or not they are being swindled, duped, or suckered – the UK government just won’t let those kinds of shady operations operate under their jurisdiction.

Betting lines

You’ll have the chance to place bets on pretty much every single type of game or sport that you can imagine, without restriction.

But as far as the most popular betting lines are concerned when it comes to this platform, football, UK politics, and horse racing is easily the most exciting and active on the platform.

If you’re looking to dive right into that kind of action, you’ll find multiple lines, multiple books, and “live” lines that are ready to go 24/7.

Out opportunities

The Paddy Power Sports Book platform employs multiple different professional sports bookmakers, and all of them are able to independently create the kinds of lines and outs that they then present on the platform.

There aren’t quite as many different choices when it comes to out opportunities on this platform as there are on others, but it’s nice to see a newcomer to the industry really trying to get off on the right foot by giving their players every edge and opportunity to succeed with multiple lines to pick and choose from.

You’ll have plenty of outs to move forward with, that’s for sure!

Banking options

Getting money into your Paddy Power Sports Book account is effortless if you are in Ireland, the UK, or pretty much anywhere around the world outside of the United States. All you have to do is link your bank account with the platform and you’ll be able to move money back and forth without any trouble at all.

US customers that have found ways around the geolocation restrictions this platform puts in place are going to have to add funds through a major credit or debit card. They’ll also have to pull their winnings out with printed paper checks.


Multiple bonuses are available at any one particular point in time, though all of the bonuses available from the Paddy Power Sports Book platform are either available for the sports book or the online casino and very rarely both.

Expect initial deposit bonuses, gameplay bonuses, and surprise bonuses throughout the year to be added to your account regularly.

Final verdict

You’re willing to roll the dice and try out one of the newest online sports book platforms out there, you’ll want to be sure to investigate everything that the Paddy Power Sports Book set up brings to the table.


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