NetBet Sports and Free Bets Review



In existence since 2001, the NetBet Sports Book has been absolutely crushing it when it comes to having the opportunity to place wagers on almost every major sporting event around the world at any particular point in time – but with one notable exception, and that’s horse racing.

If you’re looking for an online sports book that will give you the chance to “play the ponies” on a daily basis you are going to want to look somewhere else. For whatever reason, the people behind the NetBet Sports Book just don’t offer horse racing (yet), and it’s unclear of whether or not they ever will.

But if you want to gamble on pretty much EVERY other type of sporting event around the world on a 365 day a year basis, this platform deserves your attention.


It’s almost impossible to stay in business for 14 years in the ultra competitive industry of online gambling without having fantastic customer service, always treating your players with respect, and a dedication to making sure that their experience is always exceptional.

The NetBet Sports Book has taken great pains and invested a considerable amount of money to make sure that they are always producing a top-notch experience, and that really translates to one of the best reputations in the entire industry.

You don’t have to worry about crooks swindling you when you deposit your money into your NetBet Sports Book account, don’t have to worry about bent betting lines that are designed to sucker you into wagers you don’t feel comfortable with, or a company that will refuse to pay out the winnings that you have earned fair and square.

This is a company you can trust.

Betting lines

Multiple betting lines are available on each and every one of the sporting events that the NetBet Sports Book allows you to place bets on, and you will be able to do with your fair share of shopping around for the best betting lines to find wagers that you are always completely comfortable with.

Active betting is available for customers that are looking to place wagers while the match is going on, though the lines will change and shift (right in front of your very eyes) depending upon the ebb and flow of the game as well as how the money is coming in.

Out opportunities

Numerous out opportunities are always available, thanks in large part to the variety of different professional bookmakers that make their business on the NetBet Sports Book platform.

Not only will you be able to shop multiple betting lines from individual bookmakers, but you’ll be able to shop multiple outs across all the different betting lines that each and every bookmaker provides. Your chances of finding exactly the kind of wager you are excited to make go through the roof.

Banking options

Banking options for the NetBet Sports Book are slightly limited, but you’ll still be able to find one that makes sense for you.

Deposits can be made with bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and online payment wallets like PayPal, and there is even support for crypto currencies like bitcoin integrated into the platform.

You can withdraw your winnings through these exact same banking mechanisms.


New player bonuses of 25% of your initial deposit are available up to the equivalent of $250 US, with other surprise bonuses popping up every now and again that can reflect your gameplay style, the money that you’ve been wagering, war the kinds of sporting events that you have been most active with.

Final verdict

All things considered equal, the NetBet Sports Book is one of the most established online sports books and one that deserves your attention when you’re getting ready to set up an account on an online platform. Check it out today!


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