Ladbrokes Bookmaker and Free Bet Review



The Ladbrokes Sports Book isn’t quite as popular a sports book as some of the other larger platforms out there, but it’s quickly gaining quite a head of steam thanks to the bookmakers that they have employed.

Though there aren’t as many lines available to those looking to place wagers on the Ladbrokes Sports Book set up as there are with some other solutions, these lines are very attractive, very aggressive, and give those willing to take a little bit of extra risk the opportunity for some really, REALLY big payoffs.


As one of the smaller sports books in the online gambling world, you are right to have at least a couple of questions about the legitimacy and though they do the of the Ladbrokes Sports Book – but even just a cursory investigation and 15 minutes of research would show you that this is just as legitimate and just as reputable and operation as any other online gambling set up out there.

Based out of the same area that the BetFair, Bodog, Bovada and online casinos are, and following the same industry practices of independent monthly audits and legitimate financial backing, there just isn’t anything to worry about when you decide to place your wagers down on the Ladbrokes Sports Book set up.

Betting lines

As we highlighted above, the betting lines that are available from the sports book are consistently regarded as some of the most aggressive and “player friendly”, and that’s all done very strategically to drum up some extra interest and get the word out about this slightly lesser-known platform.

This isn’t to say that you’re going to be able to dupe or swindle the Ladbrokes Sports Book into paying for your new yacht or mansion (no matter how slim, the house ALWAYS has the advantage), but it’s nice to know that you’re going to be dealing with some bookmakers and line setters that are looking to catch your interest with some really juicy wagers.

Out opportunities

Because the betting lines are so aggressive that there are less out opportunities with Ladbrokes Sports Book them there are with other online sports books and casinos, and that’s a bit of the trade-off that you have to be willing to accept when you decide to make an account on this platform.

It really shouldn’t be all that big of a deal though, because the payoff from these adjusted lines has the potential to be really, really lucrative – though you definitely don’t want to be throwing your entire wager person that these kinds of lines just in the hope that something sticks.

Banking options

Depositing cash into your Ladbrokes Sports Book is effortless, even if you are a US citizen and technically forbid from doing so through more traditional methods.

All major credit cards are accepted by the sports book, as are all major debit cards, and recently it’s become possible to add funding to your wager account through the Ladbrokes Sports Book platform via bitcoin.

Taking your winnings out is just as easy, though a little bit slower for US citizens. International players can have their winnings deposited right into their account within 72 hours, but US citizens will have to request a paper check be mailed to them and wait about 10 business days until they receive it.


Play bonuses are really comment here, and they usually kick in when you create a new account on the Ladbrokes Sports Book platform. Be sure to read the fine print regarding these bonuses, as they are usually tied to some specific criteria that need to be met before they are doled out.

Final verdict

All things considered, the Ladbrokes Sports Book is definitely a relatively newer online sports book that you’re going to want to pay close attention to. There are a couple of hoops that US players will have to jump through to sign up, but most agree the process is well worth it.


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