Bwin Sports and Free Bets Review



Having been around since 1999 (almost 20 years ago), the BWin Sports Book platform is definitely one of the oldest online sports books in the world today – and one of the most well-respected.

Coming out of Australia, this company stayed “local” for a handful of years until they really started to enjoy exponential growth across the globe. A lot of that is because of their willingness to help those in unregulated markets (like the United States) dive into all of the online sports book fun without putting up too many stumbling blocks in their way.


Licensed and a number of different jurisdictions around the world and enjoying one of the most sterling silver reputations in the online sports book industry, you really can’t go wrong choosing to take advantage of the gaming options provided by this company.

This is true for those that live in regulated nations like Australia, the UK, and beyond, as well as those that live in unregulated locations like the United States. This site plays by the same rules regardless of where you’re coming from (or where your IP address says you’re coming from), and it’s nice to have that kind of trust from an operation like this.

Betting lines

A big portion of the betting lines provided by the BWin Sports Book are relatively “low juice” and for those that are just looking to casually get in on all the fun and excitement that sports gambling has to offer.

But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a platform for whales. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a number of much more aggressive betting lines available for those that are willing to take a financial risk and potentially get a tremendous financial windfall, and these kinds of bets are really where the BWin Sports Book platform makes their “bread and butter”.

Out opportunities

Numerous outs are available, including live betting lines that continues to move and shift during a match that give you the necessary coverage you need to limit your risk exposure, and you’ll be able to do quite a bit of betting line shopping to find exactly the kinds of opportunities that you’re willing to jump on top of.

Multiple outs attracts a lot of gamblers from all corners of the globe and bookies are adding new outs to their lines on a regular basis. Keep checking back regularly to find all kinds of different betting opportunities that you didn’t notice before.

Banking options

Every major credit card, debit card, and bank card is accepted by the BWin Sports Book platform. You can also link up your checking account to this platform if you live in a regulated location, with unregulated customers not having this option unless they are willing to deal with some pretty sketchy transactions and the potential for a closure on that account.

Deposits and withdraws happen really quickly, usually within 12 hours but never longer than 48 hours after they have been initiated. It’s this lightning speed that has people really excited about this platform.


100% of your initial deposit (up to the equivalent of $250) will be available as a bonus when you create a new account, though you won’t see the full 100% of your bonus until you place a certain amount of wagers or have gambled a certain amount of your deposit away already.

More bonuses are available from time to time, though it’s tough to predict exactly when these kinds of bonuses will be made available – or what those bonuses will even entail!

Final verdict

The BWin Sports Book offers a great experience for everyone looking to get into the action of online sports gambling, regardless of where they live or whether or not their government is all that fond of this kind of gambling to begin with. It’s definitely a recommended sports book for those looking to check out the action.


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