BetBright Sports and Free Bets Review



An exciting online sports bet platform that was established in 2013 and operates out of Dublin, Ireland, the Best Bright Sports Book has introduced a lot of new game-play features and unique betting opportunities they pioneered in this industry – features that have now become copied by a lot of the other operations across the world.

That definitely speaks to the innovation and inventiveness of this setup, and it’s a big reason why more than 1 million people place bets on the Best Bright Sports Book sports book every single month.


It’s almost impossible to compete with the kind of legendary reputations that some of the more established and traditional sports books have garnered with 50+ years of experience in this industry before they went online, but by all accounts the Best Bright Sports Book set up is just as reliable, just as reputable, and just as trustworthy as anything else out there today.

Fully licensed by the Irish government as well as in the UK, Gibraltar, and numerous other jurisdictions around the world, you are going to have complete confidence in this platform right from the moment that you create your new account.

Betting lines

The betting lines that this platform offers are more specifically focused on games in England, Europe, the UK, Scotland, and the United States/Canada, but some other international opportunities are also available – especially when they represent major sporting events.

Soccer in particular is very well represented by the Best Bright Sports Book, and rugby and cricket are also very heavily represented on this online sports book as well.

The interesting thing about the most exciting that lines is not the lines themselves, but the way that the platform presents them and make sure that all gamers on the site are as informed as they possibly can be.

That lines that are very active are prominently displayed, have different graphical elements to highlight the foundation of these kinds of bets, and show where the money is coming in and when. This lets more seasoned gamblers take advantage of information that they simply wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Out opportunities

Numerous bookmakers have placed they are “outs” on this platform, making it very easy for gamblers from around the world to pick and choose the kinds of bet lines on particular matches over wagers that make the most sense for them.

These numerous outs really open up a lot of extra profit opportunity that wouldn’t have existed on most any other site.

Banking options

Banking options are effortless, with players having the ability to fund their account with more than 40+ different methods – including all major credit cards and debit cards, bank accounts, wireless and bank transfers, and a number of other methods you need to the Internet.

Withdrawing your winnings is just as easy, and can be done through any of those deposit methods that we mentioned above. It makes getting your hands on your winnings really, really easy.


Deposit bonuses are the most lucrative of all of the different bonuses available on this site, but horse racing in particular features very lucrative bonuses as well. If you’re excited about having the chance to wager on the ponies from your smart phone or your computer, you’ll love the different bonuses available from the Best Bright Sports Book.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, you are always going to have numerous opportunities to get started with everything that the Best Bright Sports Book has to offer. Getting the chance to dive right into this kind of action is exciting and rewarding, especially thanks to the numerous bet lines and opportunities that this solution provides.


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