32 Red Sports and Free Bet Review


The 32Red Sports Book is absolutely one of the newest online sports book platforms out there today, but it has to be considered one of the most exciting and intriguing online sports books out there right now as well.

Owned in, licensed by, and taking advantage of the rule set established by the UK government, players from around the world are going to be able to dive right in on all of the odds making action provided by the 32Red Sports Book without too much difficulty to speak of.

Is the 32Red Sports Book right for you, though?

Let’s find out!


32Red Sports Book enjoys one of the most highly regarded reputations in the industry already, and that’s because they have created an online sports book platform that is as transparent as any other in the entire industry.

Transparency is the name of the game in the online gambling world today, and players need to know that they are going to be getting a fair deal, a fair shake, and a fair shot at winning with every single wager that they place on the site.

32Red Sports Book is as transparent a sports book as there are these days, and that means that you were going to be able to trust that they offer fair deals but also that they pay out your winnings very promptly.

Betting lines

Numerous betting lines are going to be available on more than 50+ different kinds of sports on a daily basis, with hundreds of matches each day opened up for business.

Not only that, but there are going to be multiple betting lines for a lot of the most popular sporting events of the day, betting lines have different levels of risk and the potential for some pretty significant windfall profits if they are taking advantage of it at the right time.

Out opportunities

The out opportunities provided by the oddsmakers at 32Red Sports Book are amongst some of the most attractive in the industry, giving players the unique chance to cover their risk as best they can without having to worry as though they are going to be suckered into wagering more than they are probably comfortable doing so.

This is how this company has built up such a quick and exciting body of active folks placing wagers on the platform, without opportunities that are (arguably) better than most of the other operations out there.

Banking options

Banking on the 32Red Sports Book setup is smooth and easy, as well as almost instantaneous.

Players will be able to fund their account in record time with any major credit card or debit card, a bank account, or any online payment processor like PayPal. These funds will be almost immediately usable after you start the funding process.

Pulling out your winnings is almost as fast (no longer than a 48 hour delay) and you’ll be able to do so using all of the same banking tools and services that you used to get your money into your account in the first place.


Brand-new accounts are going to find 100% of their initial deposit up to £150 added to their counted as a welcome bonus, and players are going to see other bonuses added to their accounts on a regular basis as different promotions become available.

Keep an eye out on your account for these kinds of bonuses, as they are a great way to build up your wagers without having to risk any more of your own money than you would have been comfortable with.

Final verdict

The 32Red Sports Book continues to grow on a daily basis to land most of that is because of the exciting and fair platform that they have created. This is definitely one of the UK-based online sports books that deserves a little bit more of your attention.


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